“You’re your own worst enemy!” I often hear that said, Well you should try a day living in my head!

I over-think everything that you might ever say, And when tomorrow comes I’ll still be thinking of today.

I’ll be watching you when you think you’re watching me, I will see much more than you could ever see,
I’ll analyse each detail just to make sure I’m correct,

I’ll tell you what you’re thinking when you haven’t said it yet.

I’ll question your sincerity to make sure it is true, I won’t let it show I’m one step ahead of you, I’ll query your intentions and I won’t let it rest,

I’m quite sure that I know my own prophecy is best.

We’ve had a lovely day and very pleasant night, I’ll wave you off goodbye and I’ll know that I am right,

I’ll think of conversations when I’m lying in my bed, I cannot get to sleep so I’ll think some more instead.

I’ll think about the future, the present and the past, I’ll break down every word of conversation we had last, I guarantee I’ll find a word in every line,

The words that confirm we aren’t really fine.

I think you need to realise for it’s only fair you see, You have got your work cut out if you do care for me,

Be patient when I drive you to such great and deep despair, Think of how it feels for me….for I am living there!