I see you sit in judgement, I hear it loud and clear, I sense your criticism because it’s what I fear,

If you could only see, if you’d only understand, Maybe then you’d know why I am the way I am.

I can see you watching me yet you’re blind in many ways, You base your explanation on what a textbook says, You draw up your conclusion and for all the time it took, You seem to miss the point…..that I am not a book!

I feel like you won’t help me and it seems that you don’t try, Just take the time to ask me and I will tell you why,

Please just take a moment, please give me space to breathe, All I ask is for your patience, give me time to grieve.

I’m not so complicated and if only you could see, I’m stronger than you think, please just look at me, Please just stand beside me instead of write me off, “No discrimination” is the part that you forgot!

I’m not a diagnosis, I’m not part of your game, I hoped that you might help me unpack some of the pain, I prayed you’d understand the things I hold within, Please don’t judge my story by the chapter you walked in!