You start the conversation in that old familiar tone, It seems the only voice that you’re hearing is your own,

It seems you are surprised when you see I’ve thought it through, Articulated answers are the only kind I do.

You tell me that it’s just another symptom you expect, You tell me that the medication isn’t working yet, What you do not realise, what you don’t seem to see, I’m the expert in the room when it comes to me.

I have my education and I’m sure that you can tell,
I’m not what you expected for you thought you knew me well, You’d seen my “type” before but you didn’t think that I, Would stand up for myself or even look you in the eye.

I’m not afraid to tell you in the most “appropriate” way, I don’t need to scream for you to hear just what I say, The only thing I ask is that you do understand,

My opinion counts as well, not just what you demand.

When you look in the mirror I hope that you might see, The reflection staring back at you is similar to me,

We’re really not that different and the point I want to make, You give me your advice but it’s your own you need to take!