Angela McCrimmon – Nominated for Health Champion Hero Award 2016

The thoughts and feelings I should have felt safe enough to entrust in the hands of a Professional are now finding their way from the entrapment of my mind to the healing I am finding in my writing. Revealing that although I’ve battled Self-Harm on the outside, the real harm was often done by Mental Health Professionals themselves.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride writing this book but definitely one I had to ride to get to the other side. Determined to finally stand up for myself and to encourage others to stand alongside me.

Often dismissed, ignored, and scared into silence…

Can you hear me now?

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All Profits Will Go To Mental Health Advocacy

When we first met, Angela was in pieces both mentally and physically. However, those cracks allowed in the light of hope, purpose and determination to change her own and others’ lives. Using her experience and literary talent she calls on us all to care with compassion and humanity for those still under the cosh of their troubled minds
Merrick Pope, Clinical Nurse Specialist , Self Harm Service Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Can you Hear Me Now? beautifully voices self-determination expressed by a true psychiatric survivor. Through her poetry, Angela provides a firsthand experience of the current Mental Health System, giving us a peek into the world of survivors’ struggles as well as offering hope for healing
Celia Brown, President of Mind Freedom International Board Of Directors