We live in a world so focused to win,
We see a person but don’t look within,
We see a goal and strive right ahead,
Missing out on the journey instead.

Society says that we have to come first, Drink from the Well, don’t wait for the thirst, Life has no purpose without competition,

I won’t enter because this is not my intention.

My intention is to somehow help and to heal, To give the hurt the permission to feel, To help the lost find their way home,

To help them see that they’re not alone.

I want to help the fallen to stand,
The suicidal unravel their plan,
It’s not always life they want to end,
It’s the pain they see no way to amend.

To encourage a life that feels so worn,
To mend a heart that’s broken and torn,
To listen as if they are all I can hear,
So they can look and know I’m sincere.

I long to help them take back control,
To help them heal their damaged soul,
To empower them so that they can see,
It wasn’t so long ago that was me.